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Book Covers
by R.L.Copple by R.L.Copple by R.L.Copple by Scott M. Sandridge by L. S. King by Jane Lebak by PecularPeople
Mind Game Realities Transforming Souldrinker Deuces Wild Annihilation StruggleCreek
Magazine Covers
MindFlights.com FearandTremblingMag.com MindFlights.com FearandTremblingMag.com MindFlights.com FearandTremblingMag.com
Azamael Mr Ignat The Inn The Ogre2 Salin & Varthrax Gremlin Hunter
FearandTremblingMag.com FearandTremblingMag.com MindFlights.com FearandTremblingMag.com theSwordReview.com theSwordReview.com
Cyclops Twisted Troll Knight of Sorrows The Ogre Swordmaster DragonClaus
Story Illustrations
theSwordReview.com theSwordReview.com DKAmagazine.com theSwordReview.com
The Visitor Repairman! Briskburner Tyrant's End
theSwordReview.com DKAmagazine.com RayGunRevival.com
Capt. Jack The Starting Gate Takeda's Strike

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Personal Illustrations ...
by Merry Archer by Sue Dent ChristianComics.net Angel-dude's Avatar My Avatar Me in '93 Randy in '93
Mike Malone Forever Richard Ben's Gas Attack AngelAzariah Hisart EJ93 Road93

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