Sculpture Gallery

Welcome to my sculpture page!
These are my unique, original sculptures. At the present time I am enjoying mostly wood carving, it seems to hold my attention more now so most of the sculptures are wood carvings.

The roses are welded art, made one at a time making each unique.
To see more of each piece, just click on the sculpture's image.
I have added some personal comments about many of the pieces.

To see the sculpture's price hold the pointer over the sculpture.

$5,000 $2,000 Not4Sale $1,500
Dragon SkullReclaimed JesusCastle Iam What IAMPrayer
Not4Sale Not4Sale
FriendshipcaneMultifaceted Head-AcheBiker-Claus I-boxTwisted
Some4Sale $10,000
Artist BlockAhab Knick-KnacksSmiling Box Four FacedStaff
$100 ea. $1,000 doz. Custom $200 & up Not4Sale?
HandlesForehead Ride FreeWelded Roses ScreamerTreebeard?

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