Friendship Cane

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This is my cane topper, click on it to see it finished.
Step by step of the finish.
These are the pieces I received in the
'Friendship Cane Segement Swap'
click on each image to see what I sent them.
From Frank From Debra From Steve
From William From Ol'Don From Dave From Ron
What is a friendship cane? A cane made up from segments carved by friends.
The best way to really answer, is to tell you how it works.

1.) You join a woodcarving group that is doing a cane segment swap.
2.) They send you a list of who you are going to mail to, this is the swap part.
3.) You carve a 2"x2"x3" section that you've drilled a 5/8" hole through the length of.
4.)Someone else does the same thing at the same time.
5.) You send them to each other as gifts, yes you swap pieces.
6.)Over a period of time you will get enough pieces to assemble a friendship cane.

Click on the carving above to see it enlarged and the piece that I sent them.
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