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This is my new/temporary guestbook page.
The way it works is you'll be directed to send me an email and then I'll post it here on my site.
This serves two purposes, no spammers and no bad language for you to see!

18 entries in Guestbook

Entry: 18 Name:Erin "Eirewolf" Metcalf From: CA Web Site: http://www.EirewolfCreations.com Comments: I love your woodwork! That dragon skull rocks.
Entry: 17 Name:Angela From: Ketchikan Alaska USA Web Site: His Work Christian Publishing Site Rating: 8 Comments: Saw your good news about the Sword Review cover on ChristianWriters.com and had to check out your site! I am always looking for illustrators.... :)
Entry: 16 Name:Tom From: Salem MA USA Site Rating: 10 Comments: Very interesting! I really enjoyed your work, God has truly blessed you with a unique gift.

Entry: 15 Name:Wanda From: Parma OH USA Site Rating: 10 Comments: This is awesome!
Entry: 14 Name:Bonnie Calhoun From: Binghamton NY USA Web Site: Bonnie Writes Site Rating: 9 Comments: Very Cool! Love the sculptures! God has truly given you a gift. Yea, NaNoWriMo person. Me too! Are you going to do it this year?
Entry: 13 Name:Jake From: Puyallup WA usa Web Site: jakehose art and music Site Rating: 10 Comments: Private Message. Click Here

Entry: 12 Name:Scott M. Sandridge From: Holland OH USA Web Site: Scott M. Sandridge Site Rating: 8 Comments: Awesome work! Adding this one to my favorites.
Entry: 11 Name:Bob Hayward From: BC Canada Site Rating: 3 Comments: Awesome work. I'll be back again, and again, and...

Entry: 10 Name:Carolyn Hamel From: Jacksonville Fl USA Web Site: Fleabait Site Rating: 9 Comments: Enjoyed your site and will visit again.
Entry: 9 Name:Dave Weiss From: Mohrsville PA USA Web Site: Radically Real Site Rating: 10 Comments: Great work as usual. You do good stuff EJ I hope you are well, Things are rockin here in PA. God bless, Dave
Entry: 8 Name:neil green FRom ms.ROBERTS class From: CF ohio USA Site Rating: 10 Comments: IN WOODRIDGE MISS. ROBERTS CLASS NEIL GREEN

Entry: 7 Name:clint From: peninsula oh Web Site: Site Rating: 10 Comments: u r a good artist
Entry: 6 Name:Zac & Carrie From: Hudson OH Comments: EJ we love your artwork! Thats awesome!

Entry: 5 Name:Katie From: Cuyahoga Falls Ohio United States Web Site: Site Rating: 10 Comments: Thankyou for carving me that face out of that seed! I'll e-mail you my most best typing! I LOVE YOUR ART!
Entry: 4 Name:lily From: akron ohio north america Web Site: Site Rating: 10 Comments: Private Message. Click Here
Entry: 3 Name:andy From: akron ohio usa Comments: excellent carvings...keep up the good work.

Entry: 2 Name:Paigery From: EP IL US Site Rating: 9 Comments: The screamer on the kiddie slide- absolutely priceless.
Entry: 1 Name:Colin Partridge From: Thornton Ontario Canada Web Site: Woodspiritcarver Comments: Nice web site and wonderful carvings your work is some of the best I have seen. I really enjoyed the tour thru your web site especially the sculpture section Colin

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