About E.J.M. II

Ouch Hot!Hello there! Ouch Hot!

Hello, my name is E.J. at least that is what they call me now days.
I am a Born-Again-Biker-Artist and this is what I do, I make art.
I also teach art, if you want some art lessons and live near Summit county OHIO, e-mail me!
Over recent years I've been mostly doing 3D art but I do have a BFAA in Drawing
with Minors in Illustration and Graphic Design. I have been doing some illustrations for some
e-zines and those can be seen on the illustration page
I was in the USAF for four, and I lived in Germany and in Phoenix, each for two years.
I was a Tattooist for a short stint as well as a welder for nine years.
I also work as a substitute teacher and am working on my teaching certification.
I'm happily married with six, yes six, kids.
I like to create, sometimes with a knife and other times with a pen. Sometimes its with an airbrush and like this web site, it's with a keyboard. I just like to make things.
I even write, check out My Blog. I also was a winner in last years NaNoWriMo.
If there is something you would like me to make or if you would like to purchase one of the pieces shown here drop me an e-mail and lets talk about it!
Thanks for stopping bye and God Bless!


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