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Dragon Skull - 'Saint George's Trophy'.

This is an original wood carving made of Fir/pine and measures 24"x17"x5".
The carving is finished in layers of linseed oil and oil paints, to age it.
The final finish is satin polyurethane. This wood carving was inspired by years of fascination with
dinosaurs and dragons. After seeing a room done in the "Olde West" style with the steer skull
over the mantle, I thought ... mmmm ... what would a dragon slayer hang over his mantle?
I have tried to make this piece look as real as possible with out loosing the wood grain.
Signed and done 03/06. Asking price: $5,000 + S&H

The picture to the right is to give you an actual size reference, NOT TO SCARE YOU!
{Yes, that's me.}
The sword comes from the piece "I am what, IAM, says Iam" as you can see it really is detachable.
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